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Sex Therapy


Sexual problems are more common than one would think. It is becoming easier for patients to reach out for help with regards to sex problems. Most sexual problems are treated at this practice. This includes problems with low libido, erectile dysfunction, pre-mature ejaculation, orgasmic disorders, painful intercourse, vaginismis, sexual addictions, paraphilias, gender related issues, cyber sex, pornography, masturbation addiction and so forth. Patients are treated with respect and dignity and all information will be treated as confidential. The first session will be used to gather the necessary information and history to formulate the problem and to determine a baseline for the patient. This will be necessary to plan treatment and establish therapeutic goals. Any questions regarding therapy, assessments or the treatment process will be discussed in detail in the first session.

What is Sex Therapy

Sex Therapy is a methodology developed after scientific knowledge was gained of human sexual behaviour, function and dysfunction. At the basis of sex therapy is an understanding that sex is a normal human function and people have the right to healthy sexual expression. When people experience difficulties with their sexuality or sexual expression they also have the right to seek expert advice and assistance to address their sexual difficulties. Sex Therapy is thus professional and ethical treatment of the sexual difficulties a person may experience.

Why is it important to address sexual difficulty?

Sexuality and an individual’s ability to express their sexuality are often very closely linked with a person’s perception of themselves and their self identity. When a person experiences difficulty in the sexual domain, it causes emotional distress and challenges the person’s perception of themselves. Furthermore, it has the potential to influence other aspects of the person’s life negatively, for example, their role definition in their family context and their close intimate relationships. Sexual interaction is often an expression of intimacy and an expression of caring. It has the potential to cement intimate relationships and provide a forum for self expression and appreciation. However, sexual difficulties between couple’s could have a detrimental impact on the relationship. Sexual difficulties should never be ignored because it could also alert a clinician to other underlying physical or psychological problems. For example, erectile dysfunction is often the first symptom to alert a clinician to a potentially dangerous heart condition.