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Marriage Counselling | Couples Therapy

Marriage Counselling

Marriage Counselling and Couples Therapy can provide insight into troublesome patterns that are present in a relationship. No marriage is problem free, and sometimes they can get to a point of stalemate. If you need assistance with one issue that keeps reoccurring, or many issues that have developed over time, couples therapy can help. Remember that having outside intervention can help to re-define boundaries and it can also help you to start resolving these issues rather than to keep growing the rift between you.

Couple’s are generally seen together for the first session. This will enable both to formulate and relay the problems they are experiencing from their respective perceptions and to clarify therapeutic goals for the sessions. The partners are then seen individually for one session each. It is important for the clinician to gather past history that may not seem relevant to the couple’s problems but may inform behaviour, coping and defence mechanisms used in the relationship. It is also an opportunity for the individual to talk about sensitive issues that they don’t necessarily want to discuss in the first session or in front of their partner. The therapeutic process will however be discussed in detail in the first session attended by both. Any uncertainty will be clarified. The fee for couple’s therapy is the same as for individual therapy.