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Adult Therapy | Counselling


Adult therapy or counselling is very diverse and depends on the indiviual needs of the patient. It gives the patient the freedom to explore their emotional, behavioural, and relationship functioning. Self reflection can lead to improved relationships in your personal and professional capacities because you will develop skills in which to better manage your feelings and the way that you interact.

Counselling and psychotherapy focuses on the psychology and on the internal world of the patient while taking into consideration the impact of the social, economic and cultural environment in which the patient lives. The environment a person lives in has a significant influence in shaping an individual’s sense of identity, esteem, values, beliefs, behaviours and perceptions. Therapists are often agents of change through counselling. They help patients to do introspection to address their own denial and avoidance of issues and offer alternative views about distorted beliefs and affirming and acknowledging the patient’s identity, survival skills and coping mechanisms in order to deal with the problems they face.

Therapy can help develop insight into many difficult issues such as:

  • Depression Counseling
• Stress management
• Anxiety disorders
• Anger problems
• Grief and loss
• Trauma
• Parenting
• Bipolar disorder
• Obsessive compulsive disorder
• Drug abuse
• Alcohol abuse
• Emotional abuse
• Domestic violence
• Weight problems  
• Work related stressors  
• Life changes  
• Anorexia | Bulimia  
• Divorce  
• Midlife crisis